Liz Garnand

As the owner of Open Sky Marketing I have spent my decades in marketing, working in startups to large corporations, and in consulting.

I noticed how difficult it is for companies, sole proprietors, or non-profits to make sense of how to “do marketing” in this digital age. So much emphasizes SEO, website, email campaigns, digital marketing, and lead generation.

I help you make sense out of the digital marketing world. I also ensure you get the most out of your marketing dollars that include any sales efforts, trade shows and conferences, special events, creating collateral, thought leadership, and more.

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I’m known for strategic, creative thinking that gets to the most core issues and opportunities fast.  I listen first, act second. I believe you know more than you think, and so together we can get to results quickly.


I have learned that if you don’t know how to communicate to your audience, or if you don’t know what your best strengths are, your marketing money can easily be wasted.

Portland Star in Oregon

I am not an "agency".  Think of me more as your internal marketing advocate from beautiful Portland, Oregon. Or as a Marketing Director for rent — part-time or by project, serving businesses across the United States.

Liz Garnand, Owner


I have several current and former clients who are willing to speak with you about my services.

Let's Talk

If you know you could do a better job of marketing, but don’t know what’s next, let’s talk. 

I’d like to hear about your current challenges and goals.

I will be honest about whether I can help you. No matter the outcome, I expect you will leave with a few ideas or insights, as I enjoy making it worth your time.

Please let me know a few times that work for you.