Through a Strategic marketing focus, you can reach to new heights.

Strategic Marketing Services

Reaching your business aspirations can be easier than you think.

Behind Strong Marketing Results are Solid Strategies.

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Located in Portland, Oregon, Open Sky Marketing provides small to medium-sized companies affordable marketing help. We offer research, planning, and marketing program implementation — building towards business revenue growth. 

Think of Open Sky Marketing as if you are hiring a part-time Marketing Director — getting more impact for your time and money.

You know your business well. Open Sky specializes in quickly leveraging and expanding upon your knowledge — translating business strengths into effective marketing programs.

Unlike most marketing agencies, Open Sky takes a comprehensive business view, working towards achieving your plans and aspirations. Services can include:

  • Identifying and developing your best marketing opportunities that go beyond just digital marketing  — such as trade show campaigns, presentations, or sales enablement
  • Interviewing customers for success stories or testimonials, or for gaining new insights into how they think and what motivates them
  • Creating dynamic messaging and brand that speaks to a buyer at each "Buyer Journey" stage — for stronger marketing results
  • Assessing your business competitive strengths —  to strengthen your core product or service offerings
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Research and Assessment

  • Leveraging what your team already knows
  • Assessing your on-line presence versus the competition
  • Analyzing your wins and losses to improve efforts for next time
  • Identifying how to get the attention of a prospect
  • Interviewing your customers to learn their perspectives
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Prioritizing and Planning

  • Collaborating with you and your team to achieve goals
  • Facilitating team goal setting and planning
  • Initiating email or event campaigns
  • Planning trade show campaigns
  • Building your brand messaging tone
  • Developing partners e.g. reviewers, advocates

Implementing and Managing

  • Creating company messaging
  • Writing articles, emails, website copy, or collateral
  • Developing success stories
  • Enabling sales e.g. talking points
  • Building presentations e.g. webcasts
  • Executing any type of campaign
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Industries SErved

  • Professional Services
  • Health Care
  • Technology
  • Software
  • Manufacturing
  • Construction

Let's Talk

If you know you could do a better job of marketing, but don’t know what’s next, let’s talk.

I’d like to hear about your current challenges and goals.

I will be honest about whether I can help you. No matter the outcome, I expect you will leave with a few ideas or insights, as I enjoy making it worth your time.

Please let me know a few times that work for you.